We strategically go to Villages where the Gospel has not been Preached. We are doing all we can to plant Churches in Areas that God has open doors for us. We have so far planted 8 different small Churches. These are small home churches in villages looked after by our School Graduates in Yangon. We do Concerts during Christmas Seasons as a way to make friends with people the villages and from there begin the Journey of Faith in Christ.

Most Churches we have planted have the Average of 25 new Converts and the biggest one has over 90 members in the Village.

We also focus on sustainability of every Church plant by Teaching Members of the Church faithfully Tithe and Generously Give to the works. As covering Ministry, Elim Myanmar helps to Build Churches where the Pastor could live and Minister in the Village and start a new Outreach in the Village.

Ways You Can Get Involved and Help

Support a Church Planter

Support a Church planters with $ 150 to $250 per month which will take care of a Place to live, food to eat and the ministry that they do, depending on where they plan the Church and if the Planter has a family.
Now it’s even much easier to Teach on Zoom.

Come and Teach

You or your team can personally come and teach 

  1. At our Emerge School of Leadership where Church planters are trained. 
  2. English as a tool to be connected to unbelievers world. 
  3. Business Classes at our Bawa Innovations School
  4. Basic Computer skills to people who have never had a chance to learn how to use a computer.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child by giving US$50 per year which will take care of one child’s uniforms, bags, Pencils, Pens, Books and Umbrella.

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